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The Rise of Corporate Artistry @ The Economist's Human Potential Conference

Hilary brought ARTISTRY UNLEASHED to The Economist's Human Potential Conference in September. Two days of though-provoking presentations and conversations ensued. Click here to see Hilary in discussion on the topic of corporate artistry. 


Long live the local book store!

Hilary recently had the pleasure of presenting themes from ARTISTRY UNLEASHED at the bay area's renowned Book Passage in Corte Madera. We found ourselves sharing memories of time spent in book stores, perusing the shelves and tables for inspiration, beauty and surprise. A large cook book with lemons adorning the cover caught Hilary's eye and I bought a children's book about love, which had a wonderful message for "grown-ups," too. Books. There's nothing like 'em. We've all purchased them online by now -- no need to be a purist. But, it's safe to say that we would all lose if our local book stores completely disappeared. Support yours...and enjoy the adventure!


TEDx Soma - Communities & Innovators

Hilary gave a thought-provoking talk at TEDx Soma in June where the theme of the day was communities. A wide array of presentations creatively addressed the power of cohesion. As a counterpoint, Hilary introduced the audience to a brave group of young men from another time and place to illustrate how this same cohesive power can too frequently cause communities to miss important--even life-saving--innovation. Aware of this stumbling block, innovators and communities can learn to work more effectively with new possibilities they don't yet fully understand. Artistry...unexpected. 


Artistry takes on London - BBC 

Listen to the BBC's Peter Day interview Hilary Austen and Roger Martin on "Thinking About Thinking" for Global Business.

Click here for the podcast...